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The backbone of prostitution in Pakistan

If you ever go to red light areas of Sindh, Punjab and especially that of Lahore just take a look at the rooftops of the evil palaces you will see Alams of SHIAs. This is a very minute factor usually ignored to be noticed but it reveals the hidden stories which tells us the dangers of SHIA culture and its real ugly face.

            Prostitution is such areas as Heera Mandi cannot be stopped or prevented not due to the bribery of our police dept. but in fact it is due to Mutta. Thanks to SHIAism in which Mutta is valid and permitted. In the times of Bhutto’s rule this industry grew because   of free sex policies of Bhutto but in the Govt. of Zia-ul-Haq the govt. machinery commenced the crack down on red light areas against such evils of society but due to the fact that the majority of the sex workers were from SHIA community the govt. was unable to cut the roots of this evil. Initially those sex workers transferred them selves to the population centers and Mohallas but they later started claiming that they are doing mutta which is not only permitted but also a very gaining and favorable act in SHIA religion hence the crack down against sex industry faced a failure because by the law govt. was unable to crack down against sex workers because according to their religion they were not committing a crime but were considered to a be very religious personalities. As this crack down was commenced there was a severe resistance from SHIA renowned figures and crypto racy. The weakness of crack down due to SHIA community resistance and spread of sex workers in social centers resulted in the downfall of moral values of the society. The influence and backing of these sex workers from the SHIA politicians was always powerful which gave them the chance of survival. During the times of Bhutto there used to be a Jaloos of Tazia by the SHIA prostitutes in Sukkur which used to be the one of the largest jaloos in Pakistan.

                   This sex industry of Pakistan also contributed a lot to the film industry of Pakistan. It can easily be observed that 98% of actresses of our industry are from sex industry and also SHIAs by religion. Any of the civilized person who observes can see that how our moral and cultural values are being spoiled by the film industry. The honorable status of woman given by Islam to women is badly betrayed by our film industry. Our film industry is showing women as a mean of entertainment. Is woman just for entertainment? What status women would like to choose for them selves, just a mean of entertainment for men. If Hollywood & Bollywood is showing such stuff then it is their culture but our culture is much different from what is being shown by our film industry. After the Zia-ul-Haq govt. this industry again got a boost and SHIAs dragged the innocent and needy Sunnis by financial & moral blackmailing in the sex industry.

                   Even today if govt. decides to crack down on sex workers it would face clear failure because the sex workers will say that they are doing mutta & it is their right according to their religion. So it is clear that the backbone of sex industry are SHIAs. This act is not only committed in Pakistan but also in the areas or countries where SHIA population is in present. Dr. Hairi in her research paper of “The Law of Desire” says that SHIA religion has given the prostitution a legal cover. She gave an inside view of the betrayal of women under the mutta, which is only one minute evil aspect of SHIAism.




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